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Help support local organizations and institutions while saving on energy!


Two great benefits of choosing us are that you save on your annual energy bills, by paying discounted prices that you would not otherwise realize, and you help support your favorit orginization. For those who wish to save on energy and would like to support other organizations or institutions, we offer you our Affinity Program.
Organizations who partner with us, become our Affinity Partners.  Affinity Partners will receive an ongoing annual payment of $25.   
A $25 check is a significant sum of money but imagine how much it would mean to a local institution to receive 1,000 rebates from their community supporters – that’s $25,000 each year, every year. Needless to say, it would mean a lot.
This is just one of the ways we want to make a difference in the great state of New York and also to change the landscape of the energy supply business.

To sign up as an Affinity Program member or recommend one for inclusion in our program, please contact us.

To support an Affinity Partner, when you sign up check the box that says you agree to pay it forward and then select the partner of your choice.
Thanks New York!

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