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Learn about energy deregulation in the State of New York


The Energy Industry (natural gas and electricity) used to be a natural monopoly controlled by the Government in the form of Public Utility Companies.  After the gas crisis in the 1970’s, the Government finally decided to open up the market to competition, which would force higher productivity and efficiency in the market and lower prices.
Simply put – it’s the exact same utility infrastructure and delivery mechanisms (same pipes carrying gas and same electrical wires bringing you electricity) – only a new line item on the same bill you’ve always received, only with a lower price for the utility portion.
Companies must be approved by the New York State Public Service Commission. We must each honor a code of conduct or our license will be revoked.
Your public utility is still 100% responsible for delivering your energy to your home or business and all concerns relating to power outages and will respond to you whenever storms or emergencies interrupt your service.
If at any time, you aren’t completely satisfied with your energy supplier (us), you can return to your public utility company and we will make the transition as easy and seamless as possible for you. We’re not here to hold you hostage – only to provide you with savings, and unparalleled customer service.
If you currently purchase gas and electricity from one supplier, you will continue to receive only one bill from them and you only make one payment – it couldn’t be easier.
Your public utility will continue to read your meter and ensure complete integrity in regards to your usage and billing.
The word deregulation doesn’t mean that there are no rules or regulations anymore and that anything can happen. It means that the pricing isn’t controlled by only one company anymore – so an environment of healthy competition means lower prices and increased efficiency and service because every supplier has to do more to gain your trust and loyalty.

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Learn more about energy deregulation from the New York State Public Service Commission website.


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